Sunday Summary: Improving Lung Capacity

photo1 (43)Hello peeps! This week I finished Week 5 of my Couch to 5K program and I ran for 8 minutes straight twice (with 5-minute walking break in between). Running may be pushing it though… perhaps I should say I jogged as fast as I could for 8 minutes straight! That’s more like it, but still, I am so happy with my progress. I have noticed that the first five minutes are indeed the hardest but after that I find myself actually enjoying it. I start with a 5-minute brisk walk, then do a 1-2 minute stretch and then start to run and it goes fine, no cramps, no pain, no fatigue. I am still unsure about being able to actually complete the program (I am supposed to be able to run continuously for 35 minutes) but I am not so afraid of running jogging fast as I once was and that is a win in my book. For more on the lessons I have learned on the Couch25K program, check this previous post.

Another thing that I have noticed since I started the program is my increased lung capacity. I have recently noticed that I don’t find myself huffing and puffing as bad as I used to and I have noticed this mostly in my Zumba classes. I can tell that I am working hard but I can breathe more efficiently. Check out this article to better understand how running increases your lung capacity.  For all you “I hate running” types I encourage you to give the program a try. You may surprise yourself in the most amazing ways.

Weekly Success: As promised I did CarrotFIT every day this week. #soproud For those of you who don’t know, this app has gotten a lot of hate as a “fat shamer” because its robotic trainer calls you a meatbag and pretty much insults you throughout its “7 minutes in hell” workout. However, I have to disagree with the haters. For one, I find it hilarious and while she can be pretty brutal when you gain weight, she’s also pretty encouraging. Check out all the nice things she’s said to me this week after completing the routine. I even got permission to eat a battery 😆

photo1 (42)

It’s been my personal experience with the app that the insults are a reminder of the negative inner monologue that contributed to me packing on the pounds. I now find myself laughing at her comments while I exercise and reflecting and recoding the way I think about my weight and myself. However, I still think that it is an app for adults and would not recommend it for teenagers whose self-concepts are much more delicate although I believe that parents and teenagers may be able to use it as a conversation starter. In any case, don’t say no to a program that you haven’t used. I believe that all programs work but not all programs work for everybody. You may have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince; same goes to finding your ideal workout. In case you are wondering, CarrotFit’s  7-minutes-in-Hell workout is no other than the “Scientific 7-minute workout” (just google it).

Wishing everyone a great week and thanks for stopping by
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    1. lol… this is the third THIRD time I do the program. I never got past week 2 so I am so stoked! Week 6 is scary with the 15 minute run… we’ll see. THANKS FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT!

    1. Haven’t signed up for one yet but I expect to do one in Sept or Oct once the temp cools down. I am signed up for a Mud Run though… It’s on October 4.

  1. There is no need to doubt yourself, you can and will do it! Push those doubts aside, you are on pace and there is no reason why you will not succeed.

    It is amazing to notice the little changes along the way. By the end you will be further amazed at how far you have come. Lung capacity and weight loss are only the begining.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

  2. Hooray! And, just so you know – jogging = running. Same thing. So, you are a runner! And the fact that you push through the hard moments and find enjoyment is EXCITING! I definitely believe you’ll be able to complete the program and I’m certain you’ll hit the 35-minute mark with ease. You totally got this!

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