Foodie PenPal Reveal Day: Jackpot!



YAY! Another Foodie PenPal reveal. This month I really feel I hit the jackpot with a super healthy and chocolaty package from my new friend Nina from Maryland. As always, I shared that I was working on my weight loss and that I needed help on my pre and/or post exercise snacks so she sent me a really great package filled with yummy and healthy snacks and my ultimate favorite: really really really dark chocolate. Check out this picture of pure awesomeness:


OK… OMG! where to begin? The chocolate was the best. I’ll usually add no more than 200 calories worth to my dinner plate so these puppies really spiced up my dinner. I am forever grateful and they are completely gone now. The Flackers were completely new to me. I’ve had them with tuna salad or hummus… a great and easy addition to my snacks. The crunchy chickpeas are also pretty great. I mix them with almonds and walnuts and make a powerful trailmix. The Pukka Relax tea is just what I needed before bed. I’ve had a cup every night since. The Coconut spray oil is probably one of my faves; my breakfast eggs thank you. Finally, on snacks, the Organic Carob Super Greens have been super great as a pre or post workout snack. YUM YUM! Finally, Nina send me homemade hot sauce, such a nice touch along with a very warming personal notecard. I have to say that all my foodie penpal experiences have been pretty great but this one will be one to remember for sure. Thank you so much Nina.

Want to know how this works? To participate in August’s Foodie Penpal (which I will register for for sure) you need to sign up via The Lean Green Bean blog (for US and Canada; UK/Europe click here) by the 4th of the month. On related news, fellow blogger at RunWright is trying to put together a Running Mates PenPal program where participants share fitness related gifts. If you believe that’s up your alley comment on her Foodie PenPal Reveal post to let her know that you’ll be interested.

Bon appetit! 



  1. Oh my goodness, that’s a great box, and looks like it was way over the spending limit but I tend to get caught up when I am shopping for my foodie penpal too so I understand if that happens.
    Thanks for the promo about Running Mates. I am looking forward to more people signing up so we can get a great match-up this month. Thanks again.
    Btw. You’ll see a link in tomorrow’s post about you too. It’s so funny that after I scheduled it, I got a link from you. Great blogging minds think alike 🙂 I love that.

    1. YAY! yes, my penpal definitely went overboard which I think we have all done at one point or another.

      I am really excited about your Running Mates idea, I hope enough people get on board.

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