Looking forward to August

WOW! With July gone there’s only 5 months left in the year. Time sure flies. August will be a really cool month since it will be a year on the 19th that I started my weight loss journey. WHAT! WOW! So much learning in a year. I already started drafting the post, but with a few days still to go, I am paying close attention to what I am learning everyday.

So, what’s up in August? Let me take you through the most blog-worthy dates this month:

  • Sunday, August 10 – End of Couch to 5K program
  • Wednesday, August 13 – End of Round #1 on Dietbet (will I win?) – Click here to read my previous post on starting a new Dietbet.
  • Tuesday, August 19 – ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY which happens to fall on #TransformationTuesday – This also happens to be bookclub day.
  • Monday, August 25 – GEEKOUT! Going to the movies with fellow whovian to watch the season premiere of Doctor Who. and YES! This may require a blog post. Something along the lines of this (click it!).
  • Sunday, August 31 Foodie Penpal Reveal Day

There are some other ideas in the works but the above are for sure.
What are your August plans? Care to share?
Happy August




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