Sunday Summary: I had a bad day

I had planned to finish Couch to 5K today but Week 8, Day 2 held me back. I was supposed to run on Thursday but spend the day helping out a friend and by the end of the day I was too tired to workout so I figured I would get it done on Friday but the moment I started running on Friday I knew something was wrong. I got these really weird cramps and I tried to push through but at minute 18 I just couldn’t keep going. I was so mad.

Yesterday I went to gym for my regular weights class and was supposed to follow it with zumba but instead I decided to give it a second try. And I did it! It was rough at the beginning but no cramps and my second 15 minutes were even better than my first.


Today, I’m taking a rest day from running and I am hoping to complete the program tomorrow or maybe on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

Overall I had a pretty good week (with the exception of the really bad running day). I reached my goal weight for Round #1 of my current Dietbet but I have been having a hard time holding on to it. Hopefully I do. Weigh-in days start Thursday (we have 48 hours to submit). I clocked-in a little over eight hours of exercise and I ate pretty well too.

So ends another week… I got to step up my game the next few days and I’m looking forward to running my first 5K (in training).

Weekly Words of Wisdom




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