Dietbet Update: Round #1

So… this happened today! 😀

This morning I submitted my weigh-in for Round #1 of my current Dietbet… and not only did I reach my weight loss goal for the month but I completely obliterated it. I should have signed up for a Dietbet 4. I’d have money in my pocket right now. Alas, it is what it is. I’ll know how much I won on Sunday when all participants’ weigh-ins have been verified. I won’t see any money until January when the Dietbet ends.

Round #2 will be on September 15-16 and I am already 72% done with that goal. I only need to lose three pounds to win the next round. I’m feeling confident… and so happy. Here’s the report card from Dietbet:

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 9.30.10 PM


– SW: 177.2 lbs
– CW: 169.6
– Goal weight for September 15-16: 166.6

I can’t believe I am in the 160’s… I don’t want to see the one-seventies ever again. They were the bane of my existence these past five months. I strongly believe that running was the exercise that finally got my metabolism into gear. The weight loss started normalizing on week 5 when I started running for more than five minutes straight.

Today, I did my first post-Couch-to-5K-program 5K run. It took me 31:41 minutes. I’m so happy.

Overall, I lost a little over two inches. Check it out. Can you tell? I hope you can. 🙂




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