Sunday Summary: Someone’s gonna pay

(and it’s gonna be me)

I had Chinese food for lunch yesterday, so much that I had to skip dinner; and I had pizza for lunch (at 4 pm) today. Although I could have done way more damage, I know I’m going to see the error of my ways tomorrow morning on the scale. I plead the fifth!


Holy moly everyone! Thank you so much for the good wishes and awesome response to my Year One: The Weight Loss Chronicles post. Facebook totally blew up and I like to think that there was an algorithm on wordpress somewhere dancing La Macarena while keeping track of all the visitors 😀 It felt really good to be recognized for my effort. It felt amazing to have the support of friends and family and even a few people who I hadn’t kept in touch much came out of the woodwork to say congrats…

…then, I got my period. 👿
sorry boys #sorrynotsorry

My period used to be all over the place. I would have it about once every 2 months and it would be painful but after losing about 30 pounds it regulated which means that I have to deal with about once a month, as nature intended. And it totally wrecks havoc on my schedule and my appetite. I swear, during these days my brain is hijacked by my hormones and I don’t realize what I’m doing after I have downed a whole bag of Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Milano cookies. A WHOLE BAG! As if that wasn’t enough, it leaves me out of commision for at least three days… THREE DAYS of very little exercise. Anyhow, it’s over now. On brighter news I read on Women’s Health Magazine that there is an upside to the hormonal shift and I hope that means that tomorrow when I weigh-in the damage will be minimal. ONE CAN DREAM 🙄

I was only able to get one run this week and as you can see on the graph my pace was all over the place but I’m happy with the time. Overall I did about five and a half hours of exercise plus some housework. I ate moderately well and even though the scale may show otherwise I can see my body changing… in a good way.

Tomorrow I’m posting my Running Mates reveal and later I get to hang out with a very good friend and a bunch of whovians at the movies and watch Peter Capaldi bring a new Doctor to life… and a Doctor Who inspired blog post is also in the works. On that note, I’ll leave with this week’s Weekly Words of Wisdom from the Doctor himself, a reminder that we can’t let the bad spoil the good or even overshadow it. Wishing you all a great week and thanks for stopping by.




  1. Yeah! You got your box! Exciting!!! I got mine too. I’m Waiting until the end of the month to do the reveal. I’ll post a link so you can add your post when it’s up.

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