Sunday Summary: Between Sizes

Hello peeps!

I am hoping everyone had a great week. Mine was kind of accidentally great. It started awesomely with a Running Mates reveal post followed by the Doctor Who premiere at the movies with a really great friend whom I don’t get to see as often as I would like so there was a lot of catching up. On Thursday, my gym decided to cancel all our classes while the floors were being redone so I took my running outdoors on Friday and while it was pretty rough, I still managed. On Friday night, my Vibram Five Fingers shoes arrived, a perk I got via Klout so on Saturday I tried them out and did 5 miles walk/run at a local RiverWalk park. Today, I weighed-in and found out that I managed to lose the 2.2 lbs gained thanks to shark week and a tiny bit more for good measure. I now have 14 days to lose 1.8 lbs and win this month’s round on Dietbet. Wish me luck (and the ability to make good choices).

On other news, I am currently between sizes and it sucks but it’s also a little awesome. Lately, I can feel all my size 12 pants slipping down as I walk. Even fresh out of the dryer they’ll be slipping about an hour after wearing them but then my size 10 pants are cutting my circulation. cry

Being between sizes is such a drag but on the upside it pushes me to work hard so that I can finally fit in comfortable clothes. I’m also very excited that I am less than 10 pounds away from overweight status (BMI < 30). I know that BMI is only one measure but it’s the one I’ve been waiting for so long. My body is changing in great ways and I am losing weight at a good pace so this BMI number is the one objective thing I want to conquer and at less than 10 lbs I am super excited to soon be able to say that I am no longer obese. I am hoping that 2014 will be the last year I’m obese. Here’s to hoping.

Food wise I was really good this week. I had a rather slow week exercise-wise clocking barely 4 hours but I am looking forward to September and the new classes I’m planning on trying. Blog posts to come on that soon. I hope everyone has a great week and, as always, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. hey, little lady! good to be back here and see you 🙂

    just joined diet bet for a 4% challenge! i got the idea from you 🙂

    are you participating in one right now? or will you be?

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