Workout Wednesday: Kettlebells

Just so you know… I am sore but I’m still heading to the gym for more weights training and zumba. Not sure how it’s gonna go. Yesterday I finally tried Kettlebells. My gym offers a 30-min Intro to Kettlebell class where we learn the basic moves and how to avoid injury and we are encouraged to take the class as many times as we like before moving on to Kettlebell Express and/or Warrior, the more advanced classes. These are the beauties I worked out with yesterday. I am proud to say that I mostly used the 20 lbs. kettlebell. #feelingstrong


What is Kettlebell? So apparently these steel (or cast-iron) balls with a handle have been around for centuries and they do pack a punch. I was sweating like crazy just 10 minutes into the session. The workouts are pretty simple but you have to be careful with your form to avoid injury. Check out this article on more information on the history and the benefits.

I didn’t expect to feel it so much today since I workout very regularly but boy do I feel it. It really worked my quads, calves, and abs which are pretty sore today. Nonetheless, I am still attending today’s regular full body weights followed by zumba classes but I will need to take easy. Overall, I liked it and will add it to my weekly workout in September.

Do you Kettlebell?
How do you like it?


PS. #weighinwednesday was a success. I am down 2.8 lbs since Monday 08/25 and only need to lose one pound in the next 11 days to win the next round on Dietbet. Staying focus! 



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