Foodie Friday: My Grocery List & Meal Plan Ideas

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People often ask me what I eat so for those who wonder I’ve decided to share my grocery list and a sample 3-day meal plan. Please keep in mind that I am not a nutritionist or dietician. This is what I have learned works for me. Most of the food decisions I make are based on books, magazine articles, and blogs I have read; info forms given by my doctors; and soundbites of advice I have heard from other people on a similar journey, and TV and radio shows. This is NOT meant as a guide for anyone but my hope is that you’ll find something here that can help or inspire you. 

When I started this journey I thought I knew what to eat and I wasn’t completely off but there was (and still is) plenty of room for improvement. I started with a pretty typical diet menu: low-fat cheese and turkey ham sandwich for breakfast, a piece of fruit for a snack, some form of protein, salad, and small portion of starch for lunch, maybe another piece of fruit mid-afternoon, cereal and low-fat milk for dinner, and a cup of tea before bed. That was the routine and it got old pretty fast.

Little by little I started to discover new foods and new recipes. My injury in March made me increase my berries and nuts consumption as these are foods that enable muscle recovery. I gave up dairy shortly after for a variety of reasons. It was an experiment at first and while I now consume some dairy every now and then, I mostly avoid it. That changed my eating a lot. Currently, a typical day looks like this: Smoothie and nuts, or eggs, avocado, and salsa for breakfast; fish, chicken, or beans for lunch with something green; granola, almond milk, apple, nut butter, and dark chocolate for dinner; snacks as needed.

The biggest lesson I have learned is that not all calories are created equal, as not all fats, carbs, and protein are created equal either. I consume a lot of fat mainly from olive oil, avocado, and nuts. I consume a good amount of carbs from fruits and some from starchy vegetables like sweet potato, potato, corn, cassava, and plantain, and try to limit my consumption of rice, pasta, and bread. I eat a lot of white and fatty fish such as tilapia, salmon, and tuna; I also have turkey, usually ground, and chicken but much less so than fish. I have learned to like a wider selection of vegetables and learned to reduce my salt intake by taking advantage of fresh and dry herbs and spices (Mrs. Dash is amazing). This is what I have learned little by little over the last year of change and there is still much to learn, I know that.

We must think of our bodies as what they are, a complex arrangement of cells that need food to function. Unfortunately for those of us in the US we’ve been duped by the Standard American Diet, appropriately abbreviated S.A.D. 😦 , which tends to be unbalanced, too high on saturated fats and sugar.

bon_appetit_in_many_different_languages_typography_sticker-r8a48e2d356c14e19a98c55af47968083_v9waf_8byvr_512Many people usually say “I just enjoy (fill in with sinful food choice) too much and cannot give it up.” Don’t! I love pizza and I love chinese food. I have them each once a month or less. My absolute worst food choice is chicken wings so I have those only a handful of times a year. I also enjoy everything I eat every day. I love my smoothies, baked falafel, spinach pesto, fish dishes, nighttime granola, etc. If you are not enjoying what you’re eating, you’re doing it wrong.

Alright, here it is:

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll get a glimpse of my meals and click here for all my previous posts with recipes or links to recipes. Bon appetit.


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