Fall TV is back: Why I won’t be watching The Biggest Loser

… it’s not what you think.

Again, I have to thank Brittany for the prompts. Today, we are celebrating the return of Fall TV and the shows I am looking forward to watching. But before I get to that let me just share why The Biggest Loser – Season 16 didn’t make it onto my roster.

The short of the story is that The Biggest Loser got old like American Idol did. I loved the show and religiously watched the first 10 seasons, then off and on seasons 11-13, and then I gave up. When the Rachel Frederickson’s “shocking” 155-lbs loss at finale went viral I felt weird about my lack of shock and concern. Here’s the deal… this is a game after all, a game with a grand prize of $250000. What would you do? What would you do if you were at home not knowing how your competitors are doing and wanting to win that prize above all. Most of us would probably dangerously diet and exercise too. I know I would. On Dietbet we are disqualified from participating in the last round (Round #6) if we haven’t already reached the 10% weight loss mark. This is done, precisely, to avoid dangerous dieting and exercising. However, people still do crazy things to win each round, to win $20 or $50 people will carb cycle, over exercise, do the master cleanse, etc. They do it for small winnings and I can’t help but wonder what they, and I, would be capable of doing for a chance to win $250000. Let’s be real. Most of us would do plenty.

So, why won’t I watch this season? Because I doubt anything new will happen… there will be screams, sweat, and tears; lots of exercise, lots of pain, drama, drama, drama, most people will lose weight, eliminations, rewards, challenges, lots of product placement, and diet tips. Honestly, I doubt I need to watch it to learn anything new or anything I cannot get elsewhere. Besides… there are a lot of great shows coming up.

What I’ll be watching this Fall
You’ll notice I have a thing for time-travel and detective work

  1. Doctor Who – Thank you BBC. The UK TV schedule works a little different than its US counterpart. Their series (not seasons) run once a year so Doctor Who’s 8th series started August 23rd and will run until November 8th. And I will love every bit of it. In case you don’t know, Doctor Who is a show about the adventures of an alien time traveler and his human companion(s).
  2. Forever – Scheduled to premiere on September 22nd, the pilot was released online on August 26th so I already watched it. It’s about an immortal forensic medical examiner who’s trying to figure out why he’s immortal. The pilot showed promise. We’ll see if it survives.
  3. Sleepy Hollow – I’m really looking forward to the second season of this awesome supernatural/police drama.
  4. Has Shonda Rhimes done it again? I sure hope so. I can’t wait for How to Get Away with Murder to start on September 25th.
  5. Homeland will be back October 5th. Most of the time this show is just depressing but it is also oh so very addictive.
  6. American Horror Story: Freak Show – This is the show I am really really waiting for. October 8th is not getting here fast enough.


What will you be watching this fall?


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