Sunday Summary: 60 lbs gone forever

Hello peeps!

Remember the 1.8 lbs I gained last week and gave up Mexican food forever for the time being. Remember? Well, I am happy to let you know that the water weight evaporated just a couple of days later. WHEW! Better yet on Monday I weighed-in at 166.6 lbs and met this month’s Dietbet round with a whole week to spare and got this beautiful message after my weight and pictures were verified:

Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 11.01.48 AM

Yay! As a reward, I have been very good this week. I exercised about 10 hours and ate all my meals and snacks at home, I ate a lot of fruit, and plenty of salads, and just had a really yummy week that included a lot of fish, beans, and green stuff. I also reached the “60 pounds gone mark,” although I don’t know when because I wasn’t weighing myself every day but yesterday for kicks I stepped on the scale and I weighed 164.8 lbs. (I started at 225.4 lbs.) I found it really funny that I was so focused on the Dietbet’s round that I completely failed to check when I had reached this point. I am so happy since I can now confidently say that I have broken the plateau and things are really looking up.

Tomorrow starts the 48-hour window to weigh-in for round #2 but I’ll be doing mine Tuesday morning since I want to take advantage of my Monday night workout which is always very good 😀 I hope to have a very entertaining Dietbet Update post for you on Tuesday. Subscribe, if you haven’t already, so you don’t miss out.

On other news, I finished The Silent Wife and have made some serious progress on My Education but I confess that I’ll have to speed read so that I am done by Tuesday night and can appropriately discuss it at book club. I also watched the movie adaptation of The Giver which I still have mixed feelings about (as did many critics) but I still enjoyed the movie and although I haven’t read the following books yet I do hope they continue the story on the silver screen. I also watched X-Men: Days of Future Past and LOVED IT! I’m kicking myself for not watching it at the theater.

Finally, I watched Fed Up last night and I am still livid. I watched it again today and took plenty of notes so I hope to have my reaction post ready tomorrow. In the meantime, please notice the nutritional labels in your household items and how they do not provide a daily value percentage (%DV) for sugar. In searching for a reason for this I found that this is because “apparently” there is no recommended amount of sugar for a healthy population. Also, according to Congress, pizza is a vegetable. I’ll let you chew on that, or better yet, don’t!

Weekly Words of Wisdom


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    1. I actually discovered it around 6 months after starting this journey. I love the camaraderie. I get a lot of support and encouragement, we swap ideas, tips, and recipes; AND there’s a chance I’ll make a little money too. But, yes, it is not for everybody. What has worked for you?

  1. I wrote a post on sugar some months ago too. For adult women, we should eat 24g or less in 24 hours. Except most juice and drinks have more than 24 grams in a single 8 Oz serving, and who wants to drink just 8 Oz when the bottle contains 16 or 24 Oz. I’ll look for your post soon.

    1. I just started editing the post. The answer to your juice situation is not to drink the juice period… hahahaha… sorry, sad answer. The bottom line is that consuming sugar without fiber (orange juice vs. orange, the fruit) makes our liver process it too fast forcing insulin to create fat for storage much quicker. The sad thing is that I am sure I learned this in high school science. Post will be up tonight.

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