Dietbet Update: Round #2

winner winner chicken dinner!

I made it through round #2 with plenty of room to spare. I am so ridiculously happy right now. The first two rounds of a 6-months Dietbet are the hardest. From here on out everything should be smooth sailing as long as I don’t hit a wall. Please pretty please don’t hit a wall, this will be my mantra the next four months.


I lost 6.6 lbs this month which is awesome! Round #3 will be on October 15-16 and I am already 100% done with that goal. WHAT! In other words… I already won Round #3. Yep! I just have to hold on to this lead and not gain weight and I’m feeling really good about that. Here’s the report card from Dietbet:

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 12.43.07 PM– SW: 169.6 lbs
– CW: 163 lbs
– Goal weight for October 15-16: 163 DONE! BOOM!

Since starting this Dietbet, I have lost 14.2 lbs and 4 inches all around and look at that BMI going down, going down, going down. I am now only 5 lbs away from overweight status and I’m hoping to get there within the next couple of months. Check out the progress pictures below which I’m pretty proud of.

I finally fit in a size 10, still tight for my own level of comfort but looking pretty good, I think. Check it out here (yes, I am over the moon).

By the way, I always drink tea before bed but since last month I have gone back to drinking green tea and I really think that it’s helped. I’ll leave you with that to do as you may.

IMG_1686Thank you for stopping by and celebrating with me. 😀



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