Shopping Tips During A Weight Loss Transition

When I started this journey I was wearing size 18 bottoms and XXL/1X tops. I knew I had a long way to go and that it would take time to get to my “target” weight. A year later, I still have no idea what my target weight will end up being nor which size I’ll be when I get there but at the start of the journey I knew that I would be moving through sizes and that financially there was no way I would be able to get a new wardrobe every time I shrank to a new size.

If there is ever a time to adopt a Reduce, Recycle, Reuse policy, it’s when in transition between sizes while on a weight loss journey. #truestory

  1. BUY SECOND-HAND/SLIGHTLY-USED: This has a two-fold benefit. On one hand you’ll spend less money on clothes and on the other you’ll be encouraging yourself to continue to lose.
  2. WATCH OUT FOR SALES: Today, my local consignment store which sells mostly brand name items threw a $10 Bag Charity Sale. I spent $20 (two bags) and bought four pairs of designer jeans sizes 6.8, and 10, some tops sizes S and M, a couple of blazers size 6, a size 8 dress and size 6 skirt, and a few other things. For those in the US, Goodwill throws several 50% off sale days including my favorite on January 1st.
  3. GARAGE SALES: Go have an adventure – check out the local ads (and craigslist) for garage sales in your area and have fun treasure hunting.
  4. LIKE IT? GRAB IT! You can put it back later but in these stores you better grab what you like right away or risk never seeing it again. Keep in mind that second-hand/slightly-used stores do not carry multiples.
  5. INSPECT YOUR ITEMS CLOSELY: Most second-hand/slightly-used stores will not let you return the merchandise.
  6. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: During big sales don’t just buy for the size you are in but consider things 1-2 sizes smaller.
  7. BE A SNOB: Well, not really… but act like one while shopping. Since you are buying used clothes go for quality brands. Quality brands made with quality materials will hold their shape, color, and style longer.
  8. ACCESSORIZE: Belts will close those gaps, hold your slightly baggy pants up, and accentuate your new shape. Garage sales are a great place to find vintage jewelry and other accessories.
  9. COLOR COORDINATE: Your strategy should be to create the most amount of outfits with the minimum amount of items.
  10. SHOP/SELL ONLINE: You can also find some really cool deals online. I use Poshmark and love it but I hear that thredUP is also pretty good.

Also, pay it forward by donating some of your clothes and/or selling them too and whatever strategy you are using on your journey always make sure to feel beautiful and confident; no matter what size you are because our sizes are just a number not who we are.




  1. Love this! I have lost 26 pounds now and am getting to the point that my pants are falling off of me, but it seems silly to buy a new wardrobe in the next size down, since I don’t plan on being at that size very long! Shopping second-hand is a great idea!

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