Sunday Summary: 7 days 7 stories

Hello peeps! WOW… I blogged every day this week. I’m feeling accomplished. 😀 How was your week? I hope it was great. Mine was pretty good even though it was shark week. I didn’t run once all week but I still managed to workout approximately five hours and my crazy cravings didn’t set me too far back. Here are the highlights:

MONDAY: I came across this 2-year old article from Salon magazine titled Surprised to see me? The biggest shock of losing weight is the (sometimes weird) reaction by my old friendsIt really hit me and helped me realize why I have been putting off visiting some friends. I mean, I post all matter of pictures online so they know what I look like but I still feel nervous about their live reactions. As in the article, I too find myself feeling like I don’t know what to say when people congratulate me. I know, a simple “thank you” will do and that’s usually all I say but I also think… “WTF friend, why did you let me get this fat?” I know, it’s not their responsibility or their place but I wonder.

TUESDAY: As I feared my choice for book club (My Education by Susan Choi) totally bombed 😳 I had a feeling this would happen so not totally surprised but I was sad not to be able to fully discuss the book. Only one other person read it from start to finish and also appreciated the book but the few who showed up couldn’t finish it and really just didn’t like it. The poor book didn’t get a chance but I stand by it. Here’s my review if you’re wondering how I felt about it and if you’ve read it, I’d love to pick your brain on it.

Screen shot 2014-09-21 at 7.27.33 PMWEDNESDAY: Dietbet verified all weights and pictures and I found out that I won $25.16 this round. OK, so here’s how this works: A 6-month Dietbet is called a Transformer where you bet that you can lose 10% of your starting weight in 6 months; well, in 5 months because you have to reach the 10% loss in month five in order to qualify for month 6. You bet $25 every month; half of $25 go to each month’s pot (months 1-5) and the other half go to the final pot plus the $25 for month 6 so the real money is at the end of course. So this month I really bet $12.50 and made $25.16 which is quite a bit in fact. #winnerwinnerchickendinner 

THURSDAY: This week I went up on my Zumba Toning weight. Since I do weight training twice a week, I started the class with 2-lbs dumbells but this week my instructor recommended I go up so I did. I felt it on Friday but I loved it.

FRIDAY: Chocolate galore… shark week and it’s cravings got intense on Friday and Saturday. The worst I did was eat a small can of pringles but my chocolate intake didn’t go too far up and I only had really dark chocolate full of antioxidants… that’s good right? 😈

SATURDAY: I had a great shopping day on saturday. Check out my two bags of awesomeness. Absolutely nothing fits. Yeah… that’s right! I also cleaned my closet and it now only has stuff that fits me right now. The size 14 pants have been banished for good and even some 12s that are too baggy (they’ll be on Poshmark soon). I have two suitcases with an array of clothes sizes 6-10 that I can’t wait to fit into. It was fun!

SUNDAY: I finished the week with a Zumba Toning class at the gym, an awesome meal of kale pesto and a big salad at lunch, and some relaxing green tea just now. Tomorrow is the 265th day of the year and with 100 days left in the year I’ll be starting #100happydays tomorrow. Care to join me?

Weekly Words of Wisdom


Have a great week peeps & thanks for stopping by.



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