#100happydays countdown to 2015

happinessis-100happydaysCan you believe there are only 100 days left in the year? Neither can I ūüėÄ

In an effort to make it more fun I’ve decided to countdown to the new year by accepting the challenge to be happy for 100 days in a row. Can this be done? We’ll see. Care to join me? Start right now.

100 days to 2015: I choose to be happy… so there, I’m happy. I took a barre class, that was fun.

What is happiness? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, happiness is defined as (1) a state of well-being and contentment (or joy) and (2) a pleasurable or satisfying experience.

Evolutionary psychologist¬†Nancy Etcoff in her Ted Talk titled Happiness and its surprises¬†explains that “happiness¬†¬†and unhappiness are not endpoints of a single continuum”… and “happiness is not simply the absence of misery.” This is good news, in fact, it’s excellent news.¬†This means that I can be happy for 100 days in a row even if something not so great happens on any one of those days. YAY!

So here’s to choosing happiness every day. In general, I won’t be using the blog for this though. Instead I’ll be sharing pictures and happy thoughts every day via instagram and twitter so I invite you check them out there or better yet… hop on this happy train and countdown the new year one happy day at a time.



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