First Day of Autumn – My favorite season is here

Last night at 10:29 pm eastern time the autumnal equinox brought us into the Fall season here in the Northern Hemisphere making today the first day of Fall. You’ve probably noticed Google’s Doodle and the many posts on social media welcoming Fall along with hashtags like these: #welcomefall #firstdayoffall #fallishere and the like and pictures of color-changing leaves.

Haven’t seen enough? Great… because I’m sharing more 😀

Again, I am taking advantage of Kat at MamaKatsLosingIt and getting inspired by her weekly prompts.  She asks us to “take a photo and share what the first day of Fall looks like in your neck of the woods.” This morning I woke up and kept my eye out for signs that the Fall was indeed here. I could tell as soon as I opened my front door when a chilly 60 degree morning breeze really woke me up. It smelled yummy, sweet and a little spicy around my neck of the woods, and I had a strong need for a gingerbread latte (I know, I got to wait a little for that, but that’s what I wanted).

Here’s what one of the trees in my backyard looks like today:


Paying attention to trees around town as I drove I could definitely see Fall’s handy work and I loved it. I love Fall; it’s Spring without the allergies: perfection. I’m looking forward to wearing light sweaters, pretty scarves, and boots… I haven’t wore boots in years since my ginormous calves would get in the way but I finally have lost enough weight to fit into some very pretty quasi “wide-calf” boots that I’ve had for a while but been unable to wear. That’s exciting.

On the menu I am looking forward to making stews and soups, specially my favorite Fragrant Chickpea Stew (for my variant and other chickpea favorites click on this older post), White Bean Chicken Chili, and of course Venezuelan style chicken soup (here’s one similar to my mother’s recipe).

What are you looking forward this season?



    1. Spring is allergy hell and summer IS hell (way too hot and humid) so Fall is my reward. I don’t necessarily like winter but I love the hot drinks, soups, and fuzzy socks I get to wear. Happy fall!

  1. Congrats on losing weight! I love making soups and chowders in the fall. Can’t wait for the cooler weather to finally hit us. It’s still in the 90’s here, but supposed to go down in the 80’s next week.

  2. Your tress are beautiful! The color that comes with the changing leaves must be spectacular. I am looking forward to wearing sweaters, walking through crunching leaves as they swirl down from the trees, and making some comfort stews and soups. Fall is so beautiful. It’s always been my favorite time of the year.

  3. ‘…looking at pictures, I’d agree that not only it is the most beautiful season but fun too! You can get creative with your clothes. I wish it gets a little colder here in our country (minus the storms) coz I love wearing sweaters, boots and scarves too.

    Enjoy your fall!!

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