Workout Wednesday: 5 lessons from my first Barre class


Last Monday I tried Barre for the first time. I haven’t made up my mind about it yet so after taking the class I did some research on what Barre is and took my time to reflect on whether I liked it and should I add it to my fitness routine. Here’s what I have learned thus far:

  1. What is Barre? In a nutshell, Barre is a strengthening and toning class inspired by ballet movements. For more information on the class, click here and here; and here for how to prepare for your first barre class.
  2. Barre is easy: NOT! The class is not easy. It is not hard either though; certainly not if you’ve been working out regularly. We started out warming up our ankles and calves and boy was that interesting. 
  3. Go barefoot or use sticky socks: We were instructed to take off our shoes and socks to the dismay of many of the people present (this was the first ever barre class for most of us) and I was glad I’d had a pedicure just a few days before. Some people decided to keep their socks on and I believe they did fine but if you don’t like the idea of going barefoot on a gym floor and/or the floor is too slippery (this was not the case for me) then you should try something like this.
  4. It’s closer to yoga than zumba: Barre is a dance-inspired (ballet) class and the background music is pretty high energy yet the movements are controlled and the focus is on balance and keeping your body aligned. In this sense, I felt that I was in a yoga class much more so than a dance class.
  5. It will help you walk better: This was the most important lesson I got from the instructor and from what I have read on Barre. During class, we are forced to consider our body a box that must be kept straight at all times. Our instructor, a fitness certified, barre certified, and former ballet dancer was really good in helping us maintain our form and explaining the importance of each movement but what I loved the most was that she promised we’d have better posture and walk better by taking this class. I like that.


For now, Barre will take the place of my weekly yoga class every other week.
My fitness routine now includes Zumba, Weight-training, Kettlebell, Running, Yoga, and Barre.
Next class I want to try is Spinning.

Have you ever Barre?



  1. I’ve recently tried Barre, and loved it!! Also, I do cycling too, and it’s great! I tend to have a love hate relationship with it. I love the first 15 minutes, and the end of it because I feel great, but it’s hard work! Hope you love it!

    1. hahaha I am with you… I took Barre last night. I was excited when I entered class.. 15 min in I was regretting that decision… then I was laughing… then I was hating the class again… then I loved the final stretch. There’s definitely a love-hate thing going on with this class.

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