Sunday Summary: I’m a Mudrunner Now

SSMudRunHello peeps… I need you to know that writing this post hurts. Yes, I am in that much pain. Everything hurts. Everything is sore, I have bruises all over my legs and a few scrapes and cuts on my wrists, ankles, and legs. I did my first Mud Run yesterday. I loved it. (Yes, you may call me crazy now). 😆

The full story will be posted tomorrow but here you can see me (2nd from left) with my super awesome team after conquering the majority of the 36 obstacles (I’ll explain tomorrow, I promise) and 6.2 miles of crazy terrain. I hope you can sense the happiness.

Overall I had a pretty good week. I clocked about seven hours of workout (including the Mud Run), and ate pretty well. I discovered this Meatball and Spaghetti Soup recipe via fellow blogger Amanda at Getting Fit for 30 and put my own twist on it. You can see the result here. I used chicken instead of turkey, oats instead of breadcrumbs, and no broth… everything else is the same. Super yummy! Making it again this week.

I watched two really good movies: This is where I leave you which is in theaters now and Horns (I got a preview) which will be in theaters on Oct 31. They are both based on books (which I have not read) and although completely different they do touch, although in very different ways, the issue of family secrets. I recommend them both. I am currently about half way done with Gone Girl, the novel and upon finishing will decide whether or not I want to see the film. Do you ever have that problem? This year there are a ton of movies based on books and I have watched many but others I can’t seem to watch and/or read. If I do one… I find it hard sometimes to do the other. I’m sure I’m not alone on this one. I digress.

Had a good week overall, can’t complain… although the muscle pain is, well, a pain and a bother but it should pass in day or two. Taking arnica (for muscle soreness) and bromelain (for the bruises), lots of Vitamin C too. Do you have any tips on how to speed recovery? Please let me know. Don’t miss out tomorrow’s post… I’m working on it and hope that it’s both funny and informative.

Weekly Words of Wisdom


Thanks for visiting – Have a great week!



  1. In my experience, the novels I’ve read are usually way better than the movie. But there gave been some great movies based on books that I haven’t read and also have no interest to read. So, I guess there’s no real generalization that fits all.

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