Fall Bucket List

workshop-button-1Hello peeps… here we are again with one of Kat’s from Mama’s Losin It weekly writing prompts (the linkup is up on Thursday so jump on this train). I chose #5 Create a Fall inspired bucket list which was a no-brainer since Fall is my favorite season and making lists and then crossing items off such lists one of my favorite activities. So, what should I make sure I do between now and Dec 21st?

  1. Visit Pumpkin Patch and/or Scarecrow exhibit
  2. Have a fancy coffee drink (pumpkin spice latte anyone?)
  3. Try a new pumpkin and/or apple recipe
  4. Attend a Fall Festival (or similar event)
  5. Knit something cozy
  6. Read a scary/mystery book
  7. Take a historical tour downtown and/or hit the museum
  8. Run a 5K
  9. Take a nature walk
  10. Watch an indie film and/or attend music event

Please feel free to recommend recipes, books, and/or additional activities to the list. What’s on your bucket list this season?





  1. I’m keeping my list short this year. My big plans are take the kids to the park (and get some pics in the leaves), make some chocolate chip pumpkin bread, and coordinate our family costumes for Halloween (pirates…except for the baby, who will be our parrot!). 🙂

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