Sunday Summary: Trigger foods don’t taste so good

Hello peeps! I have fallen off the wagon… big time 😥 and the worst of it all is that I didn’t even enjoy it.

Last Thursday I was craving all my trigger foods badly. What are my trigger foods? Pizza, chicken wings, and buttercream cake. Yes, by far, some of the most fattening foods out there. Before I started this journey I would have these foods weekly; sometimes several times a week. Since I started this journey I limit my pizza intake to no more than twice a month and I make sure I have a big salad with it, and I pretty much avoid chicken wings and cake like the plague (way too much fat and little nutrition).

Let me explain, one of the reasons I started this journey was because of my alarming high cholesterol level (nearly 400), my pre-diabetes diagnosis, and of course because I was super obese (BMI>40) and finally admitted to myself that I didn’t like how I looked; so although I didn’t start with a lot of discipline I knew that there were some foods I simply had to avoid. Which brings me back to last Thursday… I don’t know what happened… I first craved pizza and didn’t even care for the salad; then on Friday, I went for chicken wings and fries. BOOM! I had the most terrible night. I had a gallbladder attack. It started about four hours after eating and it’s happen before, always after having a rather fatty meal but this was the first time I actually knew what it was. Before heading to the ER, I tried a home remedy and took a hot shower. Thankfully, 45 minutes later I was able to sleep. I took the home remedy again on Saturday and Sunday and today I am feeling good but still pretty mad with myself.

Then there’s the other thing… none of what I ate I actually enjoyed… it didn’t taste right. I have learned a very important lesson about this journey: your brain lies! I thought I really wanted to taste my old favorite foods, I thought they would make me feel good. I was wrong! I also realized that I am still looking for feelings in food so I need to work on that.

Overall not my best week. I only exercised four hours this week, ate well at the beginning of the week and then really bad, and I’ve been feeling just yucky… sort of sad for no reason, mad for eating crap, and now also really worried about next week weigh-in for Dietbet. It’s going to be hard to make the bet this month but in the midst of feeling sorry for myself I am creating a good food and exercise plan for the next three days in hopes that I will make it to goal or at least revert some of the damage. Wish me luck!

 Weekly Words of Wisdom
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  1. Way to get back up! I have tons of days like that. I arrived at a conference on Tuesday and was just disgusted. I managed to force some exercise on myself finally and really felt better by Friday. Yesterday, was a struggle. Today a struggle. But tomorrow is sure to be a better day!

  2. Falling off the wagon happens – to all of us. And, you said it yourself, you’ve learned a lesson in the whole thing and that’s key! (although, I don’t think it was your brain that lied but likely those feelings you associated with the food. Happened to me with some convenience store junk I used to crave. It gets easier, I promise!) You’ve done the right thing in picking yourself back up and making a plan. Next step – stop looking back. It’s over. It’s done. Stop judging yourself for it, accept that it happened, and move forward. You can do it! 🙂

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