Sunday Summary: NSVs

Hello peeps!

Well, I am now fully recovered from my Dietbet loss thanks in big part to the comments of encouragement left on this blog and across my social media platforms. I have moved on from the scale and instead started to focus on the NSVs (non-scale victories). These are my five NSVs this week:

  1. I shed one inch off my chest and half an inch from my waist. Always remember to take before and after measurements. Muscle beats fat and weighs more. 😀
  2. I am have moved up on my weights working back, chest, and biceps with 15 lbs. dumbbells (I started with 8 & 10 lbs).
  3. My plank is looking better.
  4. My core is getting so strong. I used to need a squishy ball for my back during ab work. This week I worked without it and felt awesome. #forthewin
  5. My size 12 pants are almost almost out… I can only wear them on the day they come out of the dryer and maybe one more day after that and then they are too loose. Size 10, here I come.

It was a good week even though I treated myself to one too many snacks. #sorrynotsorry #sharkweekonitsway I was able to clock nine hours of exercise this week which was really good. I only ate out once, today, Chinese food, I know… not the best but I was good. Check out my plate (health-ish). I have been making steady progress on my Fall Bucket List … AND … I start training for my December 5K tomorrow which I am very excited about. All in all… not bad at all.

Weekly Words of Wisdom


Thanks for visiting! Have a great week.



  1. That is so awesome. You are doing great. And yes. Looking at the scale all the time can be discouraging. I lie what you are doing better. Yeah to moving down sze. God bless you on that fitness journey.

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