Sunday Summary: Dropping Sizes

Hello peeps!

I had a pretty decent week. Weight-wise I am a little stuck in the high 160s and not too happy about that but I did manage to get to size 10! YES! Finally down a size (I reached size 12 back in March)… I didn’t think I would look that different but I do indeed. Check it out!
Next week I’m giving a guest lecture at my undergraduate school and I went to look for some nice new dress pants today. I still went for size 12 feeling that 10 would probably be too tight and not appropriate for a classroom. I was not completely right. I ended up buying from the petite section, two size 12 and one size 10. It continuous to be really weird to buy such small sizes. I can’t wait to make it to size 8 (single digits here I come).

I started to train for my December 5K. You’d think that completing Couch to 5K would give me an edge… it didn’t. I started again in week 5 and it’s been a bit rough… but good rough. I did seven hours of exercise, plus two 30-min runs, and one 90-min nature walk (making progress on my Fall Bucket List). Food was OK. I still have work to do to get back in gear.

I’m looking forward to visiting my alma mater, watching the Hunger Games Mockingjay (part 1), and participating on a Facebook group fitness challenge… November is so close it’s freaking me out.

Weekly Words of Wisdom

As always, thanks for visiting and have a great week.


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