TBT: Being a Kid

workshop-button-1It’s that time of the week again. Kat from Mama’sLosin’It provided some really great prompts this week (as always) and I decided to go with #2 List 7 things you miss about being a kid. Just in time for a #throwbackthursday post. Thanks Kat!



Background: My memories of being a kid are mostly good. I did not have the traditional childhood but I am so very appreciative of what I got. I am an only child and was born in Venezuela but moved with my parents to the US when I was one year old and we lived in the US until I was nine while both of my parents pursued higher education in the US. I spend the rest of my childhood in Venezuela. Most of my childhood was spent with mom since dad traveled a lot and then they were separated. However, while my mother was certainly my primary parent, and to this day, my solid rock; dad was always loving and caring just not as present.

  1. My main chore was to learn – everything was learning and making mistakes was not so severely looked upon as I feel it is now. I have had to relearn to be OK with mistakes.
  2. Be fearless – I rarely go on roller coasters anymore and I am much more aware of my own mortality which I had no clue about as a kid.
  3. No planning required – When you’re a kid… at least for me… my life was planned for me: when to get up, go to bed, go to school, take a bath, etc. My meals were planned and clothes miraculously appeared clean and ironed in my room; and while I was tasked with cleaning my room I now know that mom did some extra cleaning after me.
  4. Coordinated vacation-time – It would be years before I would truly appreciate how great it is that all your friends’ and cousins’ vacation occur at the same time. Now that we all work, it’s harder and harder to meet.
  5. Cartoons – and I mean, my cartoons… 80s cartoons.
  6. Diet -free – I didn’t have to worry about calories or working out. Mom made sure I had a balanced diet and school and friends made sure I moved a lot. I wasn’t thin though… I was always (and am) a little thick but never enough to raise a red flag and I didn’t ever feel inadequate as a child… my body would not become an issue for me until my mid-teens… and even then, it wasn’t bad.
  7. and my favorite… imaginary friends were totally appropriate and welcomed.


~ It sometimes feel unreal that I once was a child, I hope it’s not just me. ~




  1. thx for visiting my blog & leaving a comment. I think I miss the fearlessness of youth also and I really miss the 70’s Sat cartoons–cartoons ran from like 7 am until American Bandstand with Dick Clark around 12. Plus those cartoons were well drawn in a realistic way.

  2. I certainly agree with you about being diet-free. Been struggling with my weight nowadays and looking back during those young carefree years, definitely miss not having to count calories and when exercise came naturally. Aaah….those were the days indeed.

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