Hello November

IMG_2331Hello peeps! It’s freaking snowing in the southern United States… like #wtf – this forced me to take an unexpected rest day and stay under the covers for much longer than usual for a Saturday morning. It’s been awesome. 😆 WOW! 2014 is virtually over. Time sure flies.

FYI – October 1st was World Vegetarian Day and today, November 1st is World Vegan Day and I found out a few days ago that plants may be aware (and not happy) about being eaten (read more here). Yeah! Chew on that… or not 😯


I’ve signed up for a few different things so there’s quite a bit going on this month. I must continue to make progress on my Fall Bucket List (I’ve completed 2/10). I’ll start knitting soon (check out the project here), and on Monday, I start two new projects. First, I got invited to participate in a 30-day holiday hustle on Facebook. I’m still working out the schedule and some food rules which I’ll share on Monday. Second, I will start Blogging 101 with The Daily Post (there may be still room to register) on Monday as well. #BusyMonday

Blog Must-haves

  • Monday 3rd Monday Miles – starting a new fitness challenge via Facebook.
  • November 15th Saturday Shenanigans DIETBET edition. This will mark the end of Round #4. I hope I can overcome the setback from last round and that the holiday hustle challenge helps. Looking forward to my comparison pictures and taking measurements.
  • TBD (it will happen, I promise)
    • Eating out is always hard for me. I had promised to write about this in October and failed… seriously… the month just escaped me. It’s happening this month, watch out!
    • This month I’ll be doing my first Facebook fitness challenge so I look forward to “lessons learned” post.
    • Blogging 101 will sure have me busy. I’m excited to see how the blog is affected.


For those in the US, don’t forget to “fall back” on Sunday and to vote on Tuesday.


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