Sunday Summary: Setting New Goals

Hello peeps!

Last week I made it to size 10… I’ve been happy about that but immediately thought how cool it will be to be a size 8. That’s the thing about goals; as soon as you make it to one, you realize you’ve started another… that’s the journey.

I had a pretty great week fun-wise, a pretty good one exercise-wise, and a not so good one food-wise. That last one is about to change.

  • I spend Tuesday and Wednesday visiting friends in my alma mater, gave a lecture to a bunch of college kids that made me feel really old, co-taught a class with one of my favorite teachers, had an amazing burger with a good friend, and spend the night with friends reminiscing about our time in college and making plans for the future. It was awesome!
  • I exercised quite a bit clocking over seven hours of exercise. The freaking cold that hit us yesterday kept me indoors but I took a beautiful 5-mile nature walk today and I am feeling great.
  • I ate a lot out this weekend and had too much junk food during the week. It wasn’t terrible but it certainly wasn’t a good week. I must turn this around NOW!

Tomorrow I begin a Facebook fitness challenge. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience but mostly of being encouraged by the group. I’m thinking this is what I need. I hope this works. Watch out for tomorrow START post with pictures, fitness plan, and food rules.

Anyone trying NaBloPoMo? I’m going to attempt to post everyday in the month of November… wish me luck. If you are in need for prompts, check out here, here, here, and here. 😉

As always, thanks for visiting and wishing you a great week.
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