Blogging 101 starts with 30-day Holiday Hustle

Well… it really started this morning and it wasn’t the best start but it’s done! November is going to be pretty hectic blogwise. Although I’ve been blogging now for a bit I signed up for The Daily Post Blogging 101 course and I am committing myself to completing NaBloPoMo, that is, posting everyday in November. All that while participating in a closed Facebook group program named 30-day Holiday Hustle where a small group (we’re under 50 people) get together to prepare for the holiday season by picking “any program of our choice and dedicate ourselves for 30 days.” 


Right now I am past the halfway point on my Dietbet and struggling a little so I am not as involved in the social banter that goes on there. I am hoping that the Holiday Hustle will be just what I need to get motivated and excited again. Regarding my weight loss journey, I think I have just gotten too comfortable and I really can’t afford to do that yet.

OK… now, to the Blogging 101 homework:


Let me reintroduce myself. My name’s Toni. I’m in my late 30s. In real life, I am a teacher and a marketer. If I look back I can remember a time when I was in better shape but I can’t remember a time when I considered myself fit and that’s what I want to be now. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed pre-diabetic and my cholesterol shot through the roof. Around that same time I fell into a deep depression which I had probably been in-and-out of for a while going on completely undiagnosed and untreated. In getting help for my pre-diabetes and cholesterol levels, I also treated my depression. Turns out that food and exercise have a real effect on mood and depression symptoms. I started in August 2013 and today I am completely medication-free. My pre-diabetes symptoms are under control and my cholesterol went from over 300 to borderline normal. I have lost (to date) 60.4 lbs and I feel better than I have in years. In March 2014 I reached the 50-lbs loss mark (it’s been real slow since then) and upon getting lots of questions from friends and family I decided to start this blog. It’s been amazing. I have been able to keep friends and family appraised of my progress, and keep myself accountable but I also have made some really amazing friendships, found an outlet I didn’t know I needed, and most fun of all, I have been discovering and developing my writing style. So there you have it. Now you know a little about who I am and why I am here… again (for some of you) 🙂

  • For starters, I have decided to not eat out for the next 30 days. So in terms of food rules there will be no eating out, minimal processed foods (if any), lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the most painful… a reduction in my dark chocolate intake 😦 You should know that I take a multivitamin, Omega-3, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc, B Complex, and Vitamin D supplements as well.
  • For my workout program I am committing to exercising every day, adding rest days as needed. I’m bringing back CarrotFit and promising to do it at least four times a week. CarrotFit gets you through the Scientific 7-min Workout with the help of a judgemental fitness overlord who promises to prepare you for the robopocalypse. I’m also doing Couch to 5K as I prepare for a December 5K. This is what the schedule looks like right now although there will be rest days, I just don’t know when.


  • FYI, Sundays look like they are free but they most likely won’t. I usually go to the gym or I take a 5 mile nature walk so I didn’t put anything in for now.

Today, Monday November 3rd, I weighed-in at 165 lbs (that’s 0.6 lbs up from my last official weigh-in). I need to lose 3.7 lbs in the next 12 days in order to win the next round on Dietbet. That said, today was not my best start. I woke up late and had a banana, a handful of almonds, some dark chocolate, and green tea for breakfast. For lunch I had leftover Tuscan Chicken from O’Charley’s which is probably too high on everything (calories, fat, sodium, etc) and green tea again. I had a handful of blue corn chips as a snack (not my best choice), and for dinner I had an apple, swiss cheese, and almonds with green tea. As you can see I am hoping the green tea will offset the fat intake. I did the 7-min workout, 50 min of Zumba, and 55 min of Barre. Exercise-wise, I killed! 😀

So Holiday Hustle Day 1 is done, Blogging 101 homework is done, NaBloPoMo is going well and I am looking forward to the rest of the month and overcoming the challenges that will certainly arrive.

Thanks for visiting 😀



  1. I’m doing NaNoWriMo where I’m trying to write a novel in 30 days so some days my blog posts may be short. I’ve done blog everyday challenges in September and October and loved them although I didn’t always (or often) follow the prompts 😊

    1. Every year I say I will do NaNoWriMo and every year I chicken out. I may have to make it a 2015 resolution. I did an every-day challenge in April and it was great. Hopefully November won’t be too hard. Good luck on your novel.

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