Follow Wednesday: Blog Love

One of the great things about being a blogger is discovering other bloggers. There are many ways to find new blogs and usually one search will lead to another and another. When I started blogging back in March, I was lucky to come upon Fitbloggin, a community of “fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle” bloggers. Most of the blogs I follow today I learned about through that group and then they introduced me to others.

And this brings me to today’s Blogging 101 homework:


I am a little ashamed to recognize that I hadn’t taken advantage of this. I have been using the WordPress Reader to keep up with the blogs I follow on this platform and I use Feedly for all my other blogs (some overlap) but I hadn’t really noticed that I could use the WordPress Reader to discover new blogs. 😯

Here’s what I added and who I follow:

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 11.31.00 PMI am at the moment following the tag Blogging 101 while I complete the course and I am now following five new topics, as required by the homework. Four of the categories are related to my own blog and then I added Venezuela, my country of origin. Here are five blogs I love and I think you will too. Check them out!

Cooking:  Cooking with a Wallflower – Andrea shares great food recipes and craft projects. Here’s a recent one for Fresh Basil Pesto. Yum!

Exercise: RunWright – Karen is a runner in NYC from whom I get a lot of motivation and helpful tips. She also runs Running Mates, a fun gift exchange program for fitness junkies.

Fitness: PFITBlog – Bonnie gives the best motivation and tips on fitness. This is more of a website and less blog-like so there’s a bit of everything.

Venezuela: Venezuela Cooking – Anytime I am feeling homesick I know I can just hop on this site and find some comfort food to make. One of my favorites is Venezuelan-style Chicken Soup which I happen to be making today.

Weight Loss: This is my main topic so I follow a lot of bloggers who are also dealing with weight loss in one way or another. One of my favorites is run by my college buddy The Fotographing Fat Kid or FFK who’s been blogging for quite a bit now and from whom I get a lot of ideas and inspiration.

BONUS: Sometimes I discover blogs because they end up visiting my blog or just randomly. I don’t remember how I came across Paul Thomas Bell but I love his blog. It’s like dessert. He blogs about dating and relationships and within the funny there are some great insights. I couldn’t make a list of blogs to follow and not include it.

Care to share one of your favorite bloggers?
Comment away 😀



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