Sunday Summary: One of those weeks

Hello peeps… it’s been one of those weeks. You know, one of those where it wasn’t all good or bad, just kind of meh.

My food wasn’t great this week. I over did it a few with the snacks; primarily with blue corn chips… I swear these things have crack or some derivative. They are so addictive. They are gone now; so is my last package of dark chocolate. This makes me sad. 😆 I really am laughing hard as I write this. #firstworldproblems

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 6.46.25 PMExercise-wise I totally killed and clocked just about 11 hours of exercise. I’ve been sticking to the schedule pretty well so I am happy about that. But another sad thing that happened this week is that my favorite pair of running shoes finally gave up on life and died. As you can see, they’ve been giving up for some time but I was just not willing to let them go. Well, this week I had to accept that it was time. Good bye beautiful super comfortable Nike shoes. Thank you for never letting me fall. You will be missed.

How about them Midterms? This tweet really summarizes what I heard from the American people:

Oh #Merica

Anywho… on other news Doctor Who’s season ended this week but I am looking forward to the Christmas Special so I am not taking it too badly… yet. Tonight The Newsroom is back… and I am thrilled. On my nightstand I still got some 100 pages left on The Diary of Anna Frank. I can’t believe I hadn’t read this book. I’m going to make an extra effort and try to finish tonight, tomorrow night at the latest. I need to move on to Beautiful Ruins. My book club meeting is happening soon and I don’t like feeling rushed.

Weekly Words of Wisdom


As always, thanks for visiting. Have a great week.


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