Follow Wednesday: Thanks for the comments

blogsilove-copyHello peeps and welcome to another installment of Follow Wednesday where I take some time to share some blog love and recommend some great bloggers. This one inspired by today’s The Daily Post Blogging 101 assignment which asks to leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

Since I have been blogging for a while I’ve decided to give thanks to some of my blog readers who happen to also be bloggers (sorry that I can’t mention you all, but I will, I promise, eventually). Here are some of my favorite bloggers who also happen to have recently commented on my blog and/or whom I have recently commented on theirs.

Thank you for making the blogosphere a friendly place 😀

  • Run Fast Mama is run by Lisa. Her blog is about balancing it all: family, fitness, work, fitness coaching and dishes. She recently blogged her review of the movie Fed Up and we had a brief and fun conversation about how the movie has impacted us both.
  • Finding Your Fit Place is run my Michelle who has been a great cheerleader and inspiration. Her blog was one of the first ones I started following. She blogs about fitness and nutrition and always offers the best advice and encouragement. Thank you friend. You are awesome!
  • Faiza Moghal run by Faiza herself is one of my recent follows and follower (thank you so much). She blogs from Norway about food, travel, fashion, and crafts. Check out this amazing chocolate cake. Need I say more?
  • Mango About Town is another blog that I started following pretty early on. It is run by Melissa who has a degree Human Nutritional Sciences and is always sharing yummy, nutritious, and healthy recipes.

BONUS: As you can see, I mostly follow food, fitness, and healthy lifestyle bloggers. However, I also come across other bloggers who write about other topics and some become part of my tribe too. I recently discovered Story Time with John where I get my fix of funny stories which I can never tell if are real or imagined. Either way, the stories are always hilarious. Enjoy!

Check out my previous Follow Wednesday and remember to spread some blog ❤

Any blogs you’d like to share with the rest of the class? Comment away!



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