Dietbet Update: Round #4

OK… so technically, the round won’t be over until tomorrow and since I forgot to weigh-in before breakfast, I won’t submit my official weigh-in today. However, I know where I am and I know that I lost this round so I might us well update you on my progress (very little tiniest progress) today.

Last month I weighed-in at 164.4 lbs. I needed to weigh 163 lbs… SO CLOSE! OK… so I didn’t make it. This month I needed to weigh 161.3 lbs. and I am sad to admit that I am even further from that this month. 😦

I’m using my monday (weekly) weigh-in of 163.4 lbs as my final weigh-in  this month (this may not be my official weigh-in tomorrow). So, after going a bit up and down all month, here’s the verdict:


I am not going to get upset about this… a pound less is a pound less.

Dietbet does not encourage dangerous dieting so in order to be eligible to compete for the Grand Prize, all players must have lost at least 6% by the end of Round 5. This is good news for me. I started at 177.2 and 6% of that is 10.6 lbs. I have lost over 12 lbs. so I can still make it to the end. I have lost Rounds #3 and #4 but I can still make #5 and perhaps even win the final round (that’s where the real money is).

Round #5 will be on December 15-16 and I’ll need to weigh 159.5 lbs. (or less) to win it. You can’t imagine how long I’ve been waiting to see the 150s… I haven’t been in the 150s for at least 10 years… when I get there, it’s going to be a pretty emotional moment. I really need to do something about this plateau though.

On another note… bodies are funny. I took my measurements today and found that compared to last month my hip measurement stayed the same, chest measurement went up 0.5 inches, and waist measurement went down 0.5 inches. There’s been some serious redistribution going on. 😆

I think I’m looking pretty good though.


Thanks for stopping by 😀



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