Follow Up Friday

Hello peeps! Today I am sort of doing double duty with my Blogging 101 homework from The Daily Post. Today’s assignment is to spruce up your sidebar by adding and/or customizing two widgets, one text-based and one image-based. I think my sidebar (go to the bottom if on mobile screen) is pretty spruced up 😆 don’t you think?

TheDailyPostLogoSo, let’s go to yesterday’s homework which was to be inspired by the community and write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

Remember Fitbloggin? It’s my first, and to date only, fitness, wellness, food, and healthy lifestyle conference. I wrote a recap a while back. I met a lot of bloggers there, mostly virtually, my introversion did not help. Anywho… one of those bloggers is Thea from It’s Me vs. Me. Thea has been blogging for quite a while. She blogs about… everything really. I love her blog because it feels, to me, very homey. Her blog is a place I know I can go if I need a pick me up. I know I’ll find a quote, a funny story, or the perfect insight I need. She doesn’t know it but we’re buddies… 😆 I know that sounds a little creepy but in the blogosphere it’s appropriate, right? Yikes, I sure hope so.

OK… back to the homework. Yesterday, I visited Thea’s blog and she had a post titled Three Magic Words. The title she got from a book that discusses how we need to talk better to ourselves and how attitude is everything. Then she shared this quote:


And I just jumped of excitement… I instantly loved it!

I decided that I needed to find my own three magic words. Honestly, I had been thinking about them since yesterday and they finally came to me as I was driving back from a not-so-very-good session at the gym today.

I am present.

When I was fighting through my depression and through the first 25 pounds that I lost I had this feeling of inadequacy. I felt less. And because of this I kept passing on opportunities because I thought that I was not good company, that nobody would care. Here’s what I was missing… I CARE! I wasn’t showing up to life so life was not showing up to me. I still have a while to go but I am making an effort to be more present, to show up. This brings be to another quote I love:


Thank you Thea for reminding me to show up. 🙂

Happy Friday!



  1. Yes, and everything is just what you believe in. Actually that’s most of us cannot understand, but it has a speed it acts very fast as fast as how your brain reacts on touching something, you just have to be careful on what you believe in.

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