Sites I love

Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 1.20.24 PMThis is what my bookmark bar looks like right now… and there is way more after you click on >>… it just keeps going and going.

Today’s The Daily Post Blogging 101 assignment is to share a few links I love… boy and do I have links to share. 😆 The exercise is meant to allow me to tell you a bit more about myself. You’ll see where I spend most of my time when I’m online. I hope that some of these links will be useful to you as they have been to me, and please feel free to recommend a website that you believe I’ll enjoy.


Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 1.22.24 PM59. This is my Klout Score today (I’ve reached 61). Klout uses social media analytics to rank your influence online. Companies then identify influencers in specific areas and provide you with “perks.” Although I do have Facebook, I mostly use it for people I know IRL although lately I have added a few virtual friends with whom I frequently interact. I have been thinking about creating a page for the blog but haven’t decided yet. My Klout Score, however, is calculated using my Twitter and Instagram interactions which are open to all followers. I can also be found selling my old (and sometimes new) clothes and accessories on Poshmark, and sharing book reviews on Goodreads


Feedly_LogoIf you follow me on Twitter you’ll quickly notice what I read the most. I am a good sharer 😀 I share recipes and fun posts from fellow bloggers and news I find interesting and relevant about food and fitness. I also share bits about my day and every so often something completely off topic but that is totally relevant to me… or a joke… or a quote from a book I am at the moment reading. I use Feedly to keep track of all the blogs I follow and a few magazines too like PopSugar and BonAppetit. I visit Time magazine’s HEALTH section and Buzzfeed’s FOOD section everyday too.


I study… a lot. I love learning new things and I am incredibly curious so I read and study a lot about all kinds of topics although lately I have focused on nutrition and diet but I also study other things like languages, coding, and philosophy. I am currently studying French on DuolingoHow to Change the World on Coursera, and taking a refresher on Statistics via iTunes U. I learned some coding via Codecademy, about nutrition on edX, and all kinds of interesting things via TedTalks. Other websites where you can learn about all kinds of topics for free are OpenCulture, iversity, udemy, and the Open Learning Initiative, just to name a few.

I hope you find at least one of these sites helpful in some way. Anything you think I may enjoy? Please send my way. 🙂


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