Cherish your Salad Days


Ahhh… I hope that everyone has those times, moments, they look back to and smile. Not that we would necessarily want to go back and relive them (although I may have a few) but hopefully we have a few great moments to look back to. I also hope that we are in the present creating new awesome memories for later.

Yesterday, I followed The Daily Post’s Daily Prompts and wrote a little about “my salad days” which as a matter of fact didn’t have too many salads in them. Not too many green ones anyway. ūüėÜ Anywho, today, The Daily Post Blogging 101 assignment was to¬†read six posts written in response to yesterday‚Äôs prompt, and leave comments on at least two of them.

I had a lot of fun going through the Salad Days posts and although I didn’t comment much I did read other people’s stories. There was also quite a bit of poetry which surprised me. Here are my three favorite posts:

  • Surviving on Salad Days¬†at Through and Unkempt whose take on salads is very on par with mine: “The only problem is that I have to eat a lot more salad now to be fit than back then.” #sotrue.
  • The Gift of 26¬†at¬†All about being human¬†pinpoints the age when the author feels she realized she was “a woman, free, strong, independent, and able to do anything I put my mind to.” Good for you!
  • Salad Days¬†at¬†A Thousand Awkward Moments¬†who upon seeing their housemate being taken out in an ambulance for drinking too much after a breakup realizes how much simpler love seemed to us when we were younger. And writes, “I really do admire children for their kind souls and I find myself time after time wishing that I could be like them for one more day.”

Read more Salad Days here.

On a separate but related note I finished reading Beautiful Ruins yesterday and discussed it with my book club. What a great little book (my review here). If you like performance art you’ll enjoy this book even more. The book is filled with some really great nuggets of wisdom. Here’s my favorite:

quotescover-JPG-55On that note, make sure you’re living peeps!



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