Sunday Summary: Faulty Wiring


My Internet connection at home had been down since Tuesday. On Tuesday I was too busy to care about it. On Wednesday I called my provider and after several failed reboots they concluded that the modem might be defective so they sent a new one. On Friday I connected the new modem… STILL NO INTERNET. On Saturday a technician came in and checked all the wiring. “Looks like the problem is in the main line,” he said. “We won’t be able to fix it tonight. Someone will come tomorrow morning.” This morning the poor guy had to work under the rain, spot the faulty wiring and replace it. WE GOT POWER! 😆

I feel that this week’s internet problems are the perfect metaphor for my workout and food routine. Just like my connection problems were due to faulty wiring, I feel that my weight loss journey needs some fixing that runs deeper than I care to admit.

This week was iffy. Shark week is always a bad week… and this one was no exception. I exercised about four hours. I only worked out three days this week. I was busy and that was one thing but I was also feeling out of it. Just not interested. My food intake was a little all over the place too. I was lazy and ate out three times this week… THREE TIMES! And some of my meals resembled big snacks rather than proper meals. I skipped my supplements some days too. This week was a mess!

So tomorrow I start anew. I hope. Next week is Thanksgiving for most people around me but the pilgrims didn’t land on the Venezuelan coast so I don’t really do anything and plan instead to workout a lot and keep my food on track. My gym does a Turkey Burn after Thanksgiving where we get to sample several group classes. It’s a 2-hour workout session. I loved it last year and since then my gym has introduced new classes and I have dropped 30 pounds so I believe I have even more reasons to enjoy it this year.

I’ll take this time to reflect on my journey (to check the wiring). I believe I need to make some serious changes to my diet and then figure out a way to truly stick to it. The weather is not helping much either… rainy and cold days make it really hard to get dressed and out to the gym but it’s only going to get colder so I better suck it up. I will invest in some weather-appropriate gym clothes too and hopefully that will help.

I hope those of you in the northern hemisphere are staying warm.
This week’s Weekly Words of Wisdom come to you courtesy of my latest read The Glass Castle


It’s not the end yet 😉 #keepgoing


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