Introducing 2015’s monthly WIRT

Hello peeps!

Today’s The Daily Post Blogging 101 assignment is to develop a regular feature for your blog. Regular features give readers (and writers) something specific to look forward to at regular intervals. For those who read the blog regularly (THANK YOU), you’ve noticed my Sunday Summary post every Sunday when I blog about how the week went overall and maybe highlight some event or other.

Next year I am introducing a monthly feature I will call What I Read Tuesday (WIRT) – this will serve as a platform to share books I’ll be reading as I complete a 2015 Around the World Reading Challenge that I discovered a few days ago and is run by Debra at Booking It (no idea how I came across this blog but so glad I did).

The challenge asks that we agree to read and blog about at least six books (I will try do 12 to have the feature go for a whole year – maybe it sticks). There must be at least one book by a North American author, one by a South American author, one by a European author, one by an African author, one by an Asian author, and one by an Australian author. The books may be of any genre and authors dead or alive.

I am looking for books that will bring something I can tie to the theme of this blog so for now I have chosen six books; one of each. Please feel free to make a recommendation.



PS. Mark your calendars for December 9 for Read Tuesday (free and discounted book sale).



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