Saturday Shenanigans: Almost

Full disclosure… I am writing because I must.

OK… let me elaborate… November is NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month and I promised myself that I would complete it. Tomorrow is the end and it is also Sunday so my Sunday Summary post is a given. The last 28 days have been challenging but I have figured out what to write everyday. Today… well… today I’ve been stuck all day. Muse or no muse, I shall not be defeated! So here I am… writing.

Today has been a day of almosts. I almost got dressed to go to the gym this morning but I was too sore from yesterday’s Turkey Burn and decided to stay home and do house chores. Then my lunch plans with mom fell through and I almost went out to eat but instead ate some leftovers (no, not thanksgiving leftovers, just plain regular leftovers). In the afternoon I almost went to my local indie theater to watch The Theory of Everything but then remembered that there is nothing in my fridge and went for groceries instead. And finally, I almost didn’t post anything today because I couldn’t come up with anything to write about but then decided I would just be honest and here came a post.

My saturday was filled of substitute shenanigans… It could have been gym, lunch with mom, and a movie. Instead it was house chores, leftovers, and grocery shopping. Perhaps it wasn’t as exciting as initially planned but it was productive.

I realize that I did a lot of my “sunday things” today so tomorrow I’ll try to get some real shenanigans in.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend
Happy Saturday


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