Sunday Summary: NaBloPoMo complete

And so November ends…

With the end of this month comes the end of National Blog Posting Month. Tomorrow (Monday) my Blogging 101 course with The Daily Post also comes to an end, and on Tuesday my Holiday Hustle comes to an end. Lots of ends which also bring new beginnings.


I am proud to have completed NaBloPoMo but I am so happy it’s over. It is tough to come up with something to write about everyday. Some days it felt like a diary entry and less like a blog post but I loved reading the comments and at times was happily surprised about what the readers found entertaining and interesting.

These were the posts that got the most love/interactions:

  • Blogging 101 – What’s in the name – I was surprised of how much love I got from this reintroduction of myself. I will now make sure to do a reintroduction every so often for the new readers that pop up. It was fun to reexamine how this blog happened.
  • Saturday Shenanigans: Book vs. Movie – this post was completely out of the scope of this blog but it was NaBloPoMo and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Ironically, it got the most likes this month. 😀
  • I just want to eat – This was a fun post to write which was inspired by one of The Daily Post’s daily prompts. This one not only got some love on the blog but a few interactions on Facebook which continued offline. It is good to know I am not alone.
  • Why do my calves cramp when I run? – Another post that got some love on the blog which continued offline and from which I got a lot of feedback and ideas.
  • Social Media, Oversharing, and Weight Loss – I love how people reacted to this post. This one also got a lot of interaction on Facebook and the conversations have continued IRL.

I’ve learned quite a bit from this month’s blogging and following the lessons on Blogging 101 and thanks to the prompts I get from Mama’sLosingIt and DailyPrompts. I’ve also discovered some new blogs to follow and have made some new virtual friends. #forthewin

The four-day weekend, as you may expect, was not great on my regimen but I did pretty well overall. I exercised over nine hours this week including a Turkey Burn that I am still feeling. Since there is no Thanksgiving dinner in my household, food was not a big issue and I actually feel that overall I did much better this week. I’ll know for sure tomorrow when I do my weekly weigh-in. But I promised last sunday to “check the wiring” of my journey and I believe I have learned a lot but also that I have some real rearranging to do; specially when it comes to food.

On other news the break allowed me time to watch lots of movies and I watched three documentaries that I really enjoyed: Alive Inside about the power of music to reawaken people who’ve lost their connection to the world because of age, dementia, alzheimer’s and the like. The Anatomy of Hate which I admit that was hard to watch at times but talks about why we humans hate, what drives it, and what we can do to overcome it. And finally, After Tiller which explores the controversial subject of third-trimester abortions in the wake of the 2009 assassination of Dr. George Tiller. In a weird way all three documentaries interconnected in my mind. They are festering.

Today’s Weekly Words of Wisdom is a reminder


As always, thanks for stopping by.


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