Hello December

IMG_2956Hello peeps! November caught me with snow nearby and it’s been really tough in some areas of the US but today the weather is fine; actually, it’s better than fine. We got a high of 72˚F (22˚C) and sunny skies… a perfect fall day.

FYI – Today is World AIDS day. Be informed, inform others and practice #safesex. Also consider making a donation to help with education, research, and treatment. When I watch films about the outbreak of AIDS such as The Normal Heart and How to Survive a Plague I am forced to acknowledge that many of us for too long took a backseat to a problem that belongs to all of us. A few years back I lost a friend to AIDS. She was not even 30. She believed she was in a monogamous relationship and failed to use a condom with her boyfriend of two years. She lived seven years with her diagnosis. And she really really lived becoming an activist on AIDS education, local politics, and her church. She educated me a lot about AIDS and HIV. I miss her and love her and collaborate as much as I can in her honor.


I am halfway done with my Fall Bucket List (yay!). Tomorrow is the end of my Holiday Hustle and I will write on what I learned and how I liked it. I did not knit a stitch the entire month of November so I have to get on that. Today ends The Daily Post’s Blogging 101 course and our last assignment is to “sketch out an editorial calendar to cover your next 30 days of blogging (or just set a few goals).” Here’s what is on the calendar so far:

  • Tuesday 12/02 – Last Day of Holiday Hustle: Lessons and Reactions.
  • Sunday 12/07, 12/14, 12/21, and 12/28: Sunday Summary posts evaluating the progress made over the week.
  • Wednesday 12/04 – WIAW on Tuesday (on eating out)
  • Thursday 12/04, 12/11, 12/18, and 12/25 Pingback to Mama’s Losin’ It weekly writing prompts.
  • Saturday 12/13 – Saturday Shenanigans: December 5K
  • Tuesday 12/16 – Transformation Tuesday: Dietbet Edition (Update #5)
  • Saturday 12/20 – Day before the start of winter – Fall Bucket List completed.
  • Wednesday 12/31 – It’s a Wrap! #100happydays completed.

I’m also going to be working on The Daily Post’s Writing 201 but so worries I won’t be flooding the blog this month. However, I am excited about this and want to share. Over the next four weeks I’ll be working on four different writing projects: interviews, instructional writing, opinion writing, and personal essay. Wish me luck on this longform writing endeavor. I may become a writer y’all even though my search history says different. 😆


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