Restarting Holiday Hustle

Hello peeps! On November 3rd I started a 30-day Holiday Hustle. I was invited via Twitter and the rules were pretty simple:


Today is day 30 and it’s a rest day for me since I can’t make it to the gym. Overall, I had a great experience and a lot of fun sharing my pictures with the group and getting positive feedback. I even won a sample of shakeology which I hadn’t tried before and really liked. Exercise-wise I did great… really really great. I took a total of 6 days off (today included) and restarted my running routine. However, food-wise I have a lot of work to do.

Overall, I lost one pound ONE POUND! in the last 30 days. Considering that I have 32 pounds to lose to be medically within normal weight rage, one pound a month is just not the pace I want to be at. As one of my virtual coaches noted, “abs are made in the kitchen.” I need to take a hard look at my food journal and identify the meals that I can tweak and how to tweak them. Compared to my better weight-loss months my calorie intake may be too low considering how much I exercise and this may be slowing my metabolism down. On a brighter note, clothes are fitting better and I can really see the effects of my weight training so I know that I am building muscle. And that is good. Here’s a sample of the pictures I shared:

IMG_2971I am currently at 164 lbs. I really want to make it out of obesity this year. I’d have to lose six pounds within the next 28 days which should not be that hard. However, tonight is not going to help at all. I’m heading out to an Italian restaurant for a White Elephant party but before I go to bed I’m planning a better eating plan. I know I can do this. Now, I just have to do it.

So my Facebook Holiday Hustle may have ended but my personal holiday hustle must continue. Tomorrow starts a new plan for the last days of the year. Thank you Kelly and Lucia (my virtual trainers) for all the support and feedback.

Happy Tuesday


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