WIAW on Tuesday (eating out)

As a general rule I don’t like to compromise too much when I eat out. Yesterday, my book club gals and I held a White Elephant party at a local Italian restaurant. Since this was an extra special occasion I gave myself permission to eat freely. Here’s how I prepare ahead of time anytime I eat out:

  1. Get some tips on what to try and what to avoid: I took a look at the American Heart Association website and found these tips for eating Italian food.
  2. Check the menu online beforehand and make a plan. I decided I would have chicken scallopine (with Artichoke hearts, mushrooms, smoked pancetta, and lemon butter), skip the alcohol, and that I would probably have the tiramisu.

I pretty much stuck to the plan but the waitress made a mistake and split my tiramisu in half so I gave it to a friend in exchange for half of her chocolate cake. #sorrynotsorry (although I was a little sorry later)


So… OK… I really didn’t follow much of the AHA’s recommendations and unfortunately I paid the price. The food was amazing but it didn’t go down so well. I woke up around 4 am with what felt like a mild gallbladder attack and by 7 am decided to go ahead and take a shot of apple cider vinegar diluted in water followed by a fruity breakfast. Thankfully I was feeling better within the hour but I’ve had to spend the day eating fruits and nuts and drinking green tea and lots of water. As I am writing this I am still feeling a little uncomfortable and I hope that the gym will help tonight.

Lesson learned! Next time I will go with the piccata instead and only have half a dessert (if that) – The AHA recommends skipping the creamy desserts and choosing italian ice instead but this restaurant didn’t have that option. I will be much more careful next time. I have also noticed that fatty dinners are much more troublesome than fatty lunches so I will need to keep this in mind in the future.

Nonetheless I had a great time with my book club friends and got a lot of compliments on my outfit which is always nice. On the note, I just have to share that the blouse I wore had been in the closet for over two years. I finally like how it looks on me. The pants are size 10. And most surprising of all, the blazer is my mother’s, size small (petite). I really loved how I looked. 😀

Here are a few pictures (click to enhance) before heading out, enjoying the festivities, and finally with the gift I brought home.


So all in all… I can’t complain 🙂

Do you prepare before eating out?
If so, share your tips in the comments.



  1. Lookin good! 🙂

    When I was following Weight Watchers I would always check out the restaurants menu online and figure out how many points it would be for the dishes that looked appealing. Before I’d get to the restaurant I’d know exactly what I was ordering and usually would get them to put half in a to-go container before bringing me my food. Oh how I miss my days of having willpower lol

    My friends used to think I was nuts and wonder if I didn’t miss being able to spontaneously choose something from the menu while sitting in the restaurant but I found knowing ahead of time what I was going to eat gave me time to look forward to it and the anticipation and then enjoyment of the food totally made up for not getting to pick my meal “in the moment”. Plus, enjoying my meal and knowing I wasn’t going to mess up my points for the day always made me happy, waaaay better than getting home, figuring out the points and regretting ordering something that turned out to be way worse than I thought it was lol

    1. I haven’t thought about getting the to-go box beforehand. That’s a great idea. It happens to me too that people tell me if it isn’t more fun to just be surprised by the menu but like you, I too like to be prepared.

      1. Oh yeah, I love getting the meal divided in half before it even gets to my plate, saves me trying to figure out if I’ve eaten half or not lol Besides, restaurant portions are so huge, nobody needs that much food at one time lol

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