TBT to November

workshop-button-1Hello peeps! It’s time for my weekly post in response to Kat at Mama’s Losin’ It Weekly Writing Prompts. This week I chose #5 Share something you learned, bought, read, and cooked in November. 


I came across this video last month which taught me a lot of things about thanksgiving food that I didn’t know about. The most surprising thing I learned was #15 popcorn kernels never expire. WHAT! Check the video and prepare to be amazed. 😀


Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 3.18.29 PMI have realized that I am not a big buyer of things. Since starting this weight loss journey I rarely buy any clothes, I get my books from the library, and I spend my little disposable income on movie tickets and starbucks coffee. #truestory So I had to think about this. I am a JULEP Maven (their word for client I guess) and receive a monthly box with beautiful nail polish and other beauty products. In november I received Shari and Logan nail polish and a great black and brown eye glider with sharpener. I also added a gift box including three hand creams to be part of my White Elephant gift.


I read three books in November. I had wanted to read The Diary of Anne Frank for a long time and I know I will find myself reading it again someday. My book club assigned Beautiful Ruins for November and I read ahead and also read our December book The Glass Castle. So far I have loved all the books I have read (click on each image to read my review).


WOW! I do a lot of cooking but I don’t change it up too much day to day. Lately as the weather cools I’ve been making chicken soup a lot. I found this recipe that tastes just like my grandma’s and it’s been a real hit at home. The trick is to first sort of sauté the chicken with herbs and spices (I use ground cumin and fresh parsley) and onion and garlic. That makes the base (no need for broth). Then add water and wait for it to boil. Then add all the starchy veggies. We do corn, yucca, potato, carrots, squash, green plantains or bananas, etc. We add lemon juice to each of our plates. Mmmmmm… the best!

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 3.40.33 PM

Well… I have to admit that November was a really good month. 😀
Anything you learned, bought, read, or cooked last month you wish to share?
Leave it in the comments section.



  1. Let’s hear it for getting books from
    the library. Thank God for the NYPL! 🙂 although I still buy a good amount from Amazon and b&n because some books I just like to keep around me. Confessions of a hoarder.

    1. I love the feeling of a book in my hands and the smell. Unfortunately I move a lot and every time I move I have to leave behind some books. It breaks my heart. Most of the books I own now are digital and I get hardcopies from the library.

  2. I can not tell a lie. My stomach actually growled as I read about your soup!
    The video was so fun–and informational…the largest cause of death for turkeys is Thanksgiving! lol

  3. I really like this style of a post! I’m going to have to remember to add it to my prompts more often! I’ve seen those Julep boxes floating around, but can’t bring myself to spring for it. They look like fun though! I do receive the Boxycharm box for 21/month and I really love that one!

    1. Julep has been fun but I probably have enough nail polish for a while. I’ll be taking a break from them and have bulubox for a while.

      I, too, enjoyed this format. Thank you so much for the promts.

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