Sunday Summary: The Next Seven Days

Hello peeps! I am so not working at full capacity (not even half I think) 😳 Again I ate out a lot this week and I know that tomorrow when I step on the scale I am going to see the effects of my bad choices. 😦 It’s my own fault and feeling sorry for myself is not going to help.


Overall my food choices were not the best. However, I did manage to workout about eight hours this week which is close to my average. If I were grading my week I would give myself a solid C.

I now have seven days to meet Dietbet‘s Round #5 goal weight of 159.5 lbs. It is not impossible but it is not going to be easy. I need to be really disciplined the next seven days and I believe I need to diversify my workouts a little to kick my metabolism back into gear. So… here’s the plan:

  • Start the day with two cups of water followed by one cup of hot water with lemon. Drink one glass of water before every meal and one before bed.
  • No processed foods, limited dairy, lots of fresh veggies, fruits, and protein.
  • MONDAY: Swim and steam room in the morning / zumba and barre in the evening.
  • TUESDAY: Zumba and steam room in the morning / 25-min run and yoga in the evening.
  • WEDNESDAY: Swim and steam room in the morning / weights and zumba in the evening.
  • THURSDAY: Swim and steam room in the morning / 28-min run and zumba in the evening.
  • FRIDAY: Swim and steam room in the morning.
  • SATURDAY: 5K run in the evening.
  • SUNDAY: 5-mile nature walk.

Now the real question is… will I stick to this? Only time will tell… and my instagram account 😀 Yes, I promise to document every day on instagram. Knowing that I have to report what I have done usually helps me stay accountable so I hope this will work. The last time I did this I lost 3.4 lbs and finally got out of the 170s so hopefully I will make it through and break the 160s barrier. Pretty please!

Weekly Words of Wisdom


This applies to so many things… but today “where I am” is the 160s and “move” means exercise and sticking to the diet plan. The next seven days should be interesting.

As always, thanks for stopping by.



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