The Evolution of My Saturday Mornings

workshop-button-1Hello peeps! It’s that time of the week again; time to respond to Kat’s (from Mama’s Losin’ It) weekly prompts. By the way, Kat publishes writing prompts on Tuesdays giving bloggers two days to write the post. Most times I can read the prompts and immediately know what I will write but this week I was stumped. I literally settled on a prompt just a few minutes ago and decided to go ahead and write it and post it before I gave up. I went with #3 Saturday morning at your house… 

Nothing much happens at my house on Saturday morning because, usually, nobody is home. For the last year or so my Saturday morning is pretty much the same week to week: I get up at some point before nine… it is really hard. Please don’t judge me. If I managed to get up before 8:30 am I have a pretty decent breakfast consisting of arepa with tuna, or scrambled eggs, or salmon, or some other protein, and a cup of tea or coffee. Most mornings I don’t wake up with enough time so I end up having a protein shake with a banana or a fruit smoothie. At 9:30 am I take a weights class at my gym followed by a zumba class at 10:30 am. Around 11:45 am I am home, shower, make lunch or eat out and the rest of my day usually includes a visit to my local bookstore and/or a coffee shop. I have learned that…


These are my new Saturdays. Before I decided to start paying more attention to what I ate and to move more everyday my Saturday mornings were mostly virtual. I mostly slept through them. Sometimes because I had partied the night before but mostly because I had worked until late on papers or grading (academia had consumed me; I’ll share that story someday). It was common for me to finally get up around noon, eat, work, eat, watch tv, sleep at some point; and eventually mess up my sleep/eat schedule for good… again.

Currently, while I am technically free to work at anytime I force myself to have a schedule and follow it. I still fall off the wagon and stay up too late watching a documentary or a movie, or reading a book, but I course correct before it gets out of hand. My workouts and my meals serve as markers in the day that help me get organized.

I am still a chronic procrastinator and I would have never guessed that the anchor I needed to organize my life was a gym schedule. Go figure! I’m still working out the kinks of my life and as I grow older new challenges arise but that is what being alive is about, right? You live and you learn.

Happy Thursday



  1. I think your Saturday agenda sounds pretty good. Today (Saturday) I slept too late to make it to body pump at the gym. Instead, I’m still in bed tapping on the laptop. Soon I will get up and go to work. I like yours better. M

    1. In the interest of full disclosure today was not my average Saturday. I woke up early, has a good breakfast and skipped the gym for I have a 5K to run tonight. 😀 There’s always wiggle room.

  2. I wish I stuck to a better schedule on Saturdays too! The temptation to stay up late Friday night always pulls me in though! Do you subscribe the weekly newsletter? You could get the prompts emailed to you a full week in advance you know! 🙂

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