Monday: Here we go again…

Hello peeps! How’s your Monday going? Hopefully well. Me? Well… I’m trying not to be disappointed with the scale and focus on the non-scale victories instead (it is so hard). Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day for Dietbet and I’m going to lose the round… AGAIN! 😥 Fortunately, I have lost enough to qualify for the last round so here we go.

Today I start a 15-day Healthy Holiday Challenge on Facebook that is organized for free by my virtual coach Lucia Targett and it’s a fun way to stay accountable during these tempting times. The rules are pretty simple (click on the image to join):


DAILY POSTS: I love that I have a place to check in everyday without flooding my own page.

THE WORKOUT PLAN: I’m keeping it simple and trying to meet my regular weekly target of 6-10 hours of exercise. This usually means going to the gym at least five days.

EAT CLEAN: I’m pretty good as long as I prepare my meals and avoid eating out. I have a dinner with friends tomorrow and will probably eat out over the weekend but I’ll stick to healthy choices and minimize the outings these next 15 days. I am also lowering my sodium intake. I hope that does the trick.

And of course the most fun: BEING ENCOURAGED AND ENCOURAGING.

Alright! So this is the plan… now let’s make it work. Today I started out with a fruity/nutty breakfast; lunch was black beans, with ground turkey and veggies, half an avocado, and a tablespoon of grated parmesan; and my snack was a handful of almonds with dark chocolate. I’m now heading to the gym for an hour of zumba followed by an hour of barre… my regular Monday workout. Dinner will be protein granola with almond milk and a cup of green tea before bed. That should do it. 😀

Come back tomorrow for a new Dietbet Update (Round 5).
It’s not going to be pretty but it should be fun.



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