Sunday Summary: The Last Seven Days

Hello peeps! So the week (of getting my act together) came to an end today… or really… to a new beginning. I am really proud of my choices this week even though I didn’t really follow the plan I had set out for myself.

morningMornings are not my thing. I intended to start the day with two cups of water followed by one cup of hot water with lemon, and to add an exercise in the morning. This did not happen. I had also planned to drink one glass of water before every meal and one before bed. This happened most times but not always. What I was able to do was avoid a lot of processed foods, limit my dairy, consume lots of fresh veggies, fruits, and protein. Here I did pretty well and even exercise-wise I did well clocking over 10 hours of exercise. One of my best weeks.

The highlight of my week was a evening holiday lights 5K that I did with one of my gym buddies. For the first time I used calf sleeves and it was great. I ran all the way and had no cramps or fatigue. I finished the 5K and felt sure I could run another five. I didn’t really know which calf sleeves to buy and I was taken aback by some of the prices. I ended up buying these MCDAVID brand and I seem to have lucked out. I can’t wait to go running again.

Tomorrow I start a new holiday hustle group thing on Facebook. This one will last 15 days in which I am so stick to a routine, follow a plan of my choice, and post every day for encouragement and feedback. I really enjoyed the one in November so I am looking forward to this. PS. Let me know if you want in. I can invite people to this one 😀

Here’s my last seven days followed by this week’s
Weekly Words of Wisdom


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