Where I’m from: A poem

workshop-button-1Taking a break from the regular posts about weight loss, exercise, fitness and food to complete this really cool exercise brought to me by Kat at Mama’s Losin’ It and her weekly prompts. Here’s the template if you wish to make one of your own or head over simply to check out the origin of the poem. Thank you so much Kat for bringing this up to my attention. Please note that the term “poem” is used loosely.

PS. Kat posts her weekly prompts every Tuesday but you may get them a week in advance by subscribing here.

Where I’m from

I am from rotary phones, from Colgate and pleated skirts.

I am from the harlequin dolls (one that I denied breaking).

I am from the ferns, the mango trees, and a black rubber doll that always travels with me.

I am from watching telenovelas and cooking from scratch, from Hugo and Olivia, the Reyes and the Echezuria.

I am from the mind your own business and living in everyone’s business.

From “you are the master of what you know and the slave of what you say” and “you are not a golden coin, not everyone will like you, and that’s OK.”

I am from too many beliefs to stick to any. My mother was of one religion, my father of another, I was given freedom to question and experiment finding myself with none; not a popular choice.

I’m from Venezuela, born in the capital with roots along the coastlines and around the world, enjoying arepitas de anis made as a treat by my aunt, and the traditional chivito (roasted goat meat) made by my grandmother during the holidays.

From my aunt’s shoes that I threw in the trash because my uncle said they had turkey poop, and from the time he made me cry telling me that bunnies and deer were dying as we saw a small fire up on the mountain (they probably weren’t by the way), and the ghost stories grandpa liked to tell about the time he worked as a truck driver.

I am from my grandparents closets and storage rooms where chunks of life from before mine reside, pictures of the first roads, first cooperatives, first schools, of which my grandparents were builders and pioneers; newspaper clippings of events in which one of us was spotted, first edition encyclopedias from a long time before Google; and so many more invaluable things that trace my family’s history. I am from them… and then some.


Check out my black rubber doll. We’ve been together over three decades. She ages well. 😀




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