Sunday Summary: Almost there

Peeps, we are almost there. Almost 2015.

I had a pretty good week exercise-wise clocking 10 hours of exercise. The festivities didn’t really interrupt my routine and the only day that the gym was closed (xmas day) the day was perfect for exercising outdoors so that worked out pretty well.

Food-wise, I ate out A LOT! On Monday I went to my favorite chinese restaurant. On Friday, I had IHOP’s Smokehouse Combo for breakfast, and then I went to the movies and had popcorn, chocolate, and later I had pringles… I overdid it. Today I had a hawaiian pizza for lunch. On the better side of things, I skipped dinner on Monday and will probably do so again today; on Friday I exercised in the morning and evening. I hope that’s enough to offset the extra intake. But if it isn’t… that’s OK too.

I am currently reviewing my 2014 resolutions and I am happy to announce that I did pretty well. I got almost everything done which feels great. I’ll be posting The Best of 2014 on the 31st and new resolutions on the January 1st.

This week’s Weekly Words of Wisdom
come courtesy of my 2015 calendar cover:


Happy Sunday everyone 😀


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