Sunday Summary: Planning Ahead

Well… here we are, the first Sunday of the year. Tomorrow life goes back to normal: back to the schedules, appointments, and structure. I’m actually looking forward to it. Tomorrow I weigh-in and assess the situation. Tomorrow I stick to the program and hopefully continue to make progress on my weight loss journey and start taking steps towards fulfilling this year’s resolutions. That’s the plan, anyway.

These first four days of the year have been pretty great. I had Chinese food as my New Year’s Meal and got some great fortune cookie wisdom: “Compassion is a way of being.” On the second, I finished a beautiful puzzle that I can’t wait to frame, had a super healthy lunch at Earth Fare and then a not-so-healthy dessert at McDonalds: Apple pie. Then I did blacklight zumba with one of my favorite instructors. We took this picture after (we were glistening).

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 4.37.05 PM

Yesterday was my absolute favorite. My uncle (dad’s brother), aunt, and cousin were in the US on vacation from Venezuela and my mom and I met with them in Atlanta. It was a very short visit but it reminded me of how no amount of distance or time can diminish true love. I hadn’t seen my uncle for eight years, and my aunt and cousin for even longer (I have never been so grateful for social media). My mom hadn’t seen them for about 15 years. We will definitely need to repeat this. Check out my beautiful family… my mom kind of got lost behind me.

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 9.54.39 AM

Today, I am finishing the first week of the year strong with a strong breakfast of arepa with chicken, and orange/carrot/ginger juice. Lunch was lentil soup and grilled chicken. I already got my workout in with an afternoon zumba session. For a snack I am having some chocolate. Dinner will be fruit, nuts, and tea.

Tomorrow is a new day, of a new week, of this new year. Let’s make good choices. 😀

Weekly Words of Wisdom

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 4.49.55 PM

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  1. i feel u. I had my brother coming in to visit for few days from Italy. And I had not seen him in 2 years or more. I am starting my fitness program
    Tomorrow too adding more of a diet structure and extra activity. Gosh hope I can make it- good luck friend!!! Gin

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