Dietbet Update: The End…

… or a new beginning?

No surprise here. I did not win ūüė• but I will not be deterred. Yesterday I submitted my final weigh-in and I am happy to report a zero net gain/loss from last month. Upon reviewing the last six months I can clearly see that I need to work on my diet. That’s where I am losing this battle.

I don’t eat poorly but there is sure room for improvement. For starters I need to power up my breakfast which I sometimes skip (big no no) or just get by with very little. And I need to work on lowering my daily carb intake. This is really hard for me but it’s time to take it up a notch so it must be done.

Here’s the final report card from Dietbet:

84percentgoalI lost nearly 15 lbs. these last 6 months which I am very happy about.

I¬†will start a new Transformer (that’s a 6-month Dietbet game) on January 21st. Between now and then I’ll be planning a new approach.

In other news, today I got my first bulubox and I can’t wait to try all the goodies. If you’d like to give it a try click here and use promocode¬†FANTASTIC¬†to get your second box free.

Here’s the most recent #beforeandnow¬†picture:



Thank you for your support ūüėÄ



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