A New Dietbet: Because everything that goes up…

… must come down. HOLY COW peeps! I went up four pounds since my last weigh-in. Boys and girls, this is what happens when you EAT ALL THE FOOD and then some. So… new game plan. Well, really more like back to the game plan with slight modifications.

This morning I got up and faced the scale, took my “before” pictures, and submitted my official weigh-in to start a new Dietbet.

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 3.52.31 PMThis will be my third Dietbet… third time’s the charm, right? I did my first Dietbet Transformer (that’s a 6-month game) from Jan-July 2014 and lost 12.4 lbs falling 6 lbs short of my goal. My second Transformer ran from July ’14-Jan ’15 and I lost 14.8 lbs falling 2.8 lbs short. With this Dietbet I hope to finally make it to goal but more importantly make it out of “obese.”

There are currently over 350 players and the pot is over $45000. Every month each player bets $25, half goes to the monthly pot and half to the final pot. Every month all the winners split the pot evenly but we don’t get paid until the end of the game. Here’s what I have to do to win:

IMG_3593Dietbet encourages a slow-and-steady approach breaking up the goal into 6 rounds. In order to avoid dangerous dieting, each player must have lost at least 6% of their initial weight to qualify for the final round. Here’s my break-up:


– Round #1 (02/21) 3% = 161.8 lbs.
– Round #2 (03/21) 6% cumulative = 156.8 lbs.
– Round #3 (04/21) 8% cumulative = 153.5 lbs.
– Round #4 (05/21) 9% cumulative = 151.8 lbs.
– Round #5 (06/21) 10% cumulative = 150.1 lbs.
– Round #6 (07/21) 10% maintain = 150.1 lbs.

There is still time to sign-up and play if you’re interested. I’ll be posting every month on my progress.

What will I do differently? As I have mentioned before I have spotted a few things I need to work on and others I believe I can tweak to improve my results. Here’s the plan so far:

1. Start with a strong breakfast. My breakfast is usually very light so I am going to start with something more nutritious. Like this.
2. Increase running. I have been really neglecting my runs even though I can definitely see more progress on my weight loss when I run. For starters, I plan to run at least 2 miles twice a week.
3. Lower my carbs. I wouldn’t say that my diet is very carb heavy but I want to lower it a bit more and see what happens.

That’s about it for now. We’ll see how it goes.

PS. The OUTFIELD notecard in my pictures was my secret word provided by Dietbet to submit along with my weigh-in pictures. These are the ones I submitted this morning (without the measurements, of course).




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